Tulip Route 2020

Make the Tulip Route 2020 an unforgettable day out!

With Vintage Volkswagen Verhuur you can drive the Tulip route in your favorite classic Volkswagen with a 10% discount. Whether you love the classic VW van, movie legend “Herbie” or a stylish beetle Cabriolet, we have them all. You start the route from Nijkerk, which you get on paper on a nice old-fashioned way. Along the way stop at beautiful places to enjoy the beauty that the Flevopolder has to offer. Take your camera with you for a fantastic photo shoot! Along the way enjoy a coffee stop and lunch, which you can book directly with your reservation. For this we have the following nice options with our partners Fruithal Smits and Pancake house Hans en Grietje, which are located on the Tulip Route: Fruithal Smits – Breakfast, lunch or high tea in the orchard at the Tulpenplukveld € 12.50 pp. (children up to 5 years € 7.50) – “High Juices” with snacks € 15.95 pp Enjoy the most delicious fruit juices from Flevoland! – Coffee / tea / limo (2 drinks) + apple pie with whipped cream € 5.00 pp. Hans & Grietje (not valid during the Easter weekend of 20-22 April) – Coffee / tea / limo, 2 drinks + cake (with whipped cream) + pancake of your choice: € 15, – pp (lunch, before 3 pm!) .- coffee / tea / limo, 2 drinks + cake (with whipped cream) € 5.00 pp – pancake of your choice: € 10 pp (lunch, before 3 p.m.!).