The Vintage Picnic

Family day? Girlfriend getaway? Staff outing? Friends day? Or just something to celebrate? With whomever you want to go out, together with us you can easily organize a fully catered day out with beautiful Oldtimer Volkswagens, suitable for groups up to about 24 people. Choose your favorite classic Volkswagen van or beetle, choose a date and tell us how many people. We will then provide a nice route and a delicious "Vintage Picnic" in style! Everything is arranged, so board and enjoy!

Together with our partner "Taste of Richard" we provide a delicious picnic with tasty and honest products. This way we try as much as possible to get our ingredients from local suppliers. Our bread is an organic bread that is fine and full of flavor.
Our meats, cheese and jam come from local farms in the Veluwe, so pure, honest and where the animals have a nice life.
In the preparation of our products we try to work as much as possible without additives and without E numbers.
In short, tasty, sustainable, honest and local. These are our spearheads!

Our Picnics can be booked from four people and at least 2 working days in advance.

With a tasty greeting,

VintageVolkswagenVerhuur & Richard van de Veen - The Taste of Richard

Picnic “VW Standard” € 11.50 per person

- Bottle of seasonal juice
- Freshly baked rolls with a plate of cold cuts and cheese, butter and jar of jam
- Currant bun
- Cup of yogurt with muesli
- Mini muffin and brownie

Picnic “VW deLuxe” € 16.50 per person

- Fresh orange juice, orange and smoothie
- Freshly baked sandwiches with a nice assortment of various meats, cheese,
egg salad, tuna salad, jam and butter
- Piece of wrap with beef carpaccio, pine nuts and old cheese
- Waking jar with a delicious seasonal salad to share
- Midi coffee sandwich and brownie
- Cup of fresh fruit salad

Children's picnic € 10 per person

- Fresh orange juice or a bottle of fruit shoot
- Mini sandwiches with jam and chocolate pasta
- Cup of fresh fruit salad
- Mini muffin and a piece of brownie


It is also possible to arrange a personalized picnic. Think of various snacks, drink shelves or even more extensive lunches.

Do you have an allergy or a special diet wish? Let us know and we will see what we can take care of for you.